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Tuesday, 20. September 2016

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Our Kangaroo
leather leads are made to your requirements,
colour of lead, 
overall length of lead,
thickness of leather thong,
slip collar- noose collar or Snap Hook
2.5mm Fine, 3.5mm Medium, or 4.5mm Heavy

Colours available are
 black, brown, tan, beige, purple, blueberry, blue, royal blue, green, jade, pink, red & burgundy
Metallic- gold & silver or any of the above together

 We have a large colour range of platted rat-tail para-cord and para-cord leads made to order, colour and neck style, beaded or plain

Swivel Snap hooks
Silver, Gold, Antique

If you would like a special lead made for that special dog we would be only to happy to help you     
Sue Mears 0428277201